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Hello, Welcome to my website.

My name is Bob Chaffee and I am a retired engineer who has been carving wood for many years. I now spend many hours each week creating new pieces. I have set up a site with different pages for different types of carvings. Those that collect Santa's may be interested in my "Christmas" page. Animal lovers may enjoy the "Animal" page. Those looking to decorate their walls may like to visit the "Decorative Plates & Boxes" page.

One of my favorite carving subjects is the Native American. Many examples show up on their page. Another of my favorites is "Wood Spirits". These are usually wise old men who will protect your home from evil spirits. They are especially interesting as they usually are carved out of the bark from cottonwood trees. Each piece is different resulting in many types of Wood Spirits. At times, this bark will yield "Gnomes, Indians and other folk". Also, the bark makes a great medium for Whimsical Houses which always catch the eye of visitors to your home or business.

Other pages are being added and will include such items as carved eggs, Welsh Love Spoons, caricatures and religious carvings. Although some of the carvings shown are marked "SOLD", I have added them to illustrate the different type of carvings that can be made, and their approximate price.

Enjoy you visit and keep checking back as I will be adding other items periodically.


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Home Bob Chaffee Native American Animals Plates & Boxes Christmas